Hotel 'Am Kleinbahnhof'

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The Terms and Conditions of Trading

  1. A contract is made as soon as a room is booked and confirmation is given by the hotel.
  2. The signing of the contract constitutes on obligation for both parties for the whole duration of the stay.
  3. The hotel is obliged to reimburse the guest should the confirmed room no longer be available.
  4. The guest is obliged to pay the accomodation costs should he come or not, minus costs such as breakfast that the hotel will thus not incur.
  5. a) The hotel is expected to act "in good faith" regarding the renting out of the above mentioned room or holiday apartment to avoid the costs in point 4.
    b) The hotel guest ist obliged to pay for the room or holiday apartment for the whole period booked or until the hotel management find an alternative guest to take over part of the period booked.
  6. The hotel has a legal entitlement to payment should the contract not be fullfiled. This is broken down as follows: 80% of the payment is due for a room with breakfast 70% of the payment is due for a room with half board 60% of the payment is due for a room with full board
  7. The hotel is also entitled to take other assets as a security until full payment is made e.g. car keys, passport etc. The location of the hotel determines the legal domicile.